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Does Happiness Seem Out Of Your Reach?

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July 22, 2012 posted by matt

Are you dissatisfied with your life? Does contentment seem beyond your reach? Are you discontented with your life despite achieving what you set out to realize?

Many people begin on a journey they believe will bring them contentment. Why shouldn't it? Everybody else appears to work thru life, working up the ladder, developing relationships and setting themselves up and they appear satisfied. But what takes place when it doesn't work for you?

The standard reaction to feeling dissatisfied with things is to look at your current situation and ask if you like your job, your relationships, your financial position or where you live. Making some changes to any one of these will only work if the actual issue was something wrong with them in the first place. Often people then try doing different things - maybe getting some more work/life balance. Again, this may not work if that is not the issue first of all. Asking friends will bring different responses but the advice people give is truly only a reflection of what they 'believe ' they'd do if they were in a similar scenario.

The truth of the matter is that unless there's purpose or meaning behind what you do which you place a value on, then no amount of changing things or talking yourself into why you 'should ' be happy, will work. You have got to address the basics of what your life is all about and if it is not working, then some changes must be made. The actuality though is if you continue on a journey of dissatisfaction without resolving it, it will lead on to disappointment and probably depression and/or anxiety.

I say to people that depression and anxiety - or any other symptom - is part of yourself that is attempting to make you "listen to what is wrong in your life." You do not 'catch ' any mental health condition - it is your reaction to internal or external factors that do not sit well with you. So before you continue down a path of dissatisfaction and possible despair or depression, find help to find out what is important to you and what you've got to do to get unstuck - and make a life that is 'on purpose ' and with you in the driving seat.

Clare Mann is a psychologist in CBD of Sydney and assists people in identifying and removing blocks to their success both in their personal and professional life.

Developing powerful interaction skills is not the easiest of tasks, especially if you don't know how to deal with self-improvement in all-purpose. The enhancement of existing interaction abilities and the development of a powerful interaction skill-set are incredibly apparent steps pro lone have fun. Certain interaction skills are certainly 'basic' to the boundary with the aim of they are very de rigueur and with the aim of a allocation of the accomplishment of interaction has to be built in the principal these foundations. Below are some useful tips.

The preeminent start to rising effectual interaction skills is a thorough evaluation, initially of the skills possessed and following of everywhere enhancement is looked-for and how to energy in this area with the intention of enhancement. This process is preeminent made with a further party. Equally interaction skills are urban early by an ahead of schedule age now and again public develop 'blind spots' in their lifestyle: An area or skill with the intention of they lack lacking realizing with the intention of they are missing.

Moreover, remember that when you are thinking of humanizing your verbal interaction skills, is it your scale of language, your stylishness of manner of speaking or the way you converse in which needs to be worked on? You could maybe ask the advice of a supporter or trusted colleague on with the aim of as it is currently and again tiresome to mediate pro physically.

Besides, you can furthermore hire a web hosting company to help you. The hosting company can provide you with hosting services which can give you a website. During learning the communication skills, you can use the website to write down your process. However, you can furthermore enter the answer points on the internet. Therefore, the website can be converted into an valuable tool pro you.

The Basics Of Video Conferencing

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July 4, 2012 posted by matt

Did you know that online video conferencing is also named video partnership? During video conferencing, partakers have to collect these particular



such as a P. C. , mike, web cam and broadband connection if you would like to participate.

Did you know the reason why online video conferencing is a quite convenient way of interaction? This technique will save you money and time. With this practical use people can easily carry out multiple connections and meetings anywhere from far and near without ever transferring out of their locations. When talking about video conferencing the number one factors needed are delay, synchronization and also transmission. Using these, members have the chance of being able to see their fellow attendees and that would've been extraordinarily unlikely.

In the legal, medical and instructional


profession nothing compares to video conferencing as the ideal medium for communication. Because these professions need traveling and meeting lots of folk simultaneously. Video conferencing provides the least expensive and safest way to try this. With recent technology such as mobile app developments such as Android and iPhone 4 applications it makes it all way easier.

Are you aware that there are generally 3 systems of video conferencing? These systems are computer-based, desktop and studio-based system. Out of these 3 the least expensive is the PC based thanks to the fact that it's got a constrained field of view. What's video conferencing, if not a technology that permits any person anywhere to hear and see another party in real time? However , to set the system you may require a web cam, microphone, speaker, a computer and video conferencing software.

With video conferencing systems you may be linked with a few offices in your company that are found in one or two places across the world. This connection includes having audio and visual access to anyone or information you don't need any matter the location of the individual.

For organizations to completely utilize video conferencing facilities, they must include a camera that permits participants to view themselves. Video conferencing continues to gain grounds, many business also continue enjoying the advantages it brings since it greatly help to raise productivity and correspondingly cut down costs of traveling which most companies rely on.

Todd Shaffer designs and tests iPhone 4 applications. He's been working in the communications industry for over 20 years.

Harnessing The Power Of The Hand-Written Note

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June 30, 2012 posted by matt

In our current high-tech environment, where we can send messages in a flash via text and e-mail, we've started to approach communication as though it were something fabricated in a factory. Message in, message out. Do it again, hundreds of times per day, thousands of times per week.

As a result, it's easy to become removed from the fact that our messages are essentially thoughts, ideas, discussions, and arrangements with "real people." Because of the sheer volume of communication we have to deal with and it's rapid-fire nature, it can be to forget that we're relating to living, breathing human beings. It is useful to take a step backwards and re-assess what we are doing. As a marketing strategy consultant, I ask myself and my clients this question: in some cases, is there a better way to relate to someone?

In some cases, a quick, focused email or text is the most efficient way of dialogue between two parties. At other times, being as efficient as possible and being as effective as possible can be mutually exclusive. As a rule of thumb, when ever you want to communicate in a manner that demonstrates warmth and sincere emotion, the wisest thing you can do is to put your keyboard away and take out your pen and paper.

Simply put, people assign increased value to things that appear to take more effort, attention, and care. The fact that these types of things are rare in our busy, modern society makes them more impressive. That's why a straightforward handwritten gesture can have such a positive impact on the individual that receives it.

It's very easy for people who use Facebook to post a quick "happy birthday!" message on their friends ' walls, which is something the recipient appreciates, but having done it before themselves, they realize that this gesture takes just a few seconds and needs very little thought or attention. What actually stands out on their birthday (apart from a phone call or in person-to-person visit) is something much more tangible: an honest to goodness, hand-written birthday card. There's something about holding thay expression in their hands that reaches their heartsl.

The same is true for thank-you cards. Again, expressing appreciation and appreciation by electronic means definitely "covers the bases", but the warmth, sincerity, and respect a physical note delivers is in a completely different league. Even if an email and a thank you note convey the same exact words and phrasing, the thank you card wins out for impact each time. Especially now, thank-you notes also reflect a level of class and 'good breeding ' that electronic communication can't match.

None of this is excessively newsworthy, and it's all too easy to nod in agreement and then continue on your present path. The challenge is not in accepting the idea, but in placing it into practice.

Taking action is really quite simple. You simply need a couple of simple preparatory steps. Whether you choose to visit a stationery store, corner shop, or shop on the web for personalized cards, start by choosing some birthday cards, thank you cards, and 'blank ' cards to keep on hand. Stash them where ever it'll be most convenient for you: at home, at work, or maybe in your automobile. You will probably wish to have some cards in several different locations. With them, tuck in a little set of stamps (if you live in the US, the 'forever ' stamps never expire and are a perfect choice for keeping with your cards). You may also want to have a print-out of your address notebook if you don't have it stored electronically on your computer or smartphone.

After you are stocked, you are good to go. Now all you must do is to be open for the right opportunities to express yourself in a significant way. Next time you are dashing off an e-mail, using Twitter or Facebook, or thinking about sending a text, ask if taking one or two more moments to write a card or note would add much higher value to your recipient. If it will consider investing a bit of time in expressing your sensibilities by hand. Don't worry about attempting to be Shakespeare or out-doing the greeting card companies with their floral prose. Just think about what you want to express, and scribble it down clearly, simply, and swiftly. As you do this more and more, it'll become easier.

To stand out in a world of cluttered, throw-away mesages, using the power of hand-written cards, notes, and letters simply makes sense. Begin today: assemble the tools you need, keep them handy, and look for opportunities to better connect with your friends, family, and business colleagues.

Marie Elwood runs Increased Results, a Christian market research firm in Atlanta, Georgia that helps top marketing firms across the USA.

I am often asked if understanding colour is important. My reply used to be, 'It's helpful ', but now I say, 'It's essential'. Why? Because we live in troublesome times and anything that is useful is fast becoming a useful necessity. 'Black is protective with an element of grief'. What grief? All sorts. Grey is watered down grief - but something needs to 'shift ' if pale grey is worn all over, all of the time - the grief goes cold, almost enveloping. It seeps into the face. You need 'heat'' to heal. Years ago, I talked to a lady about her diet/digestion knowing I wasn't really helping. She was reserved, not chatty like me, but I liked her a lot. Finally I plucked up courage and asked her if I could talk 'emotions'. Somewhat reluctantly she agreed.. I can't go into specific details but essentially I told her what I felt was emotionally 'driving' her digestion issues. She was so shocked her jaw dropped dramatically - essentially I felt she was a teensy weensy bit upset because she told me she had never discussed her problem with anybody at all. I believed she was an intensely private lady. She needed to know how I could possibly know such a thing and asked if I had psychic abilities. Well, I'm not, though like everybody else do have occasional flashes of intuition. I just read her clothes. I got most of the information from her jumper and secondary back-up from her hairstyle, jewellery, trousers, shoes and miniscule body language as we talked. The body language was purely verification. We parted on good terms and she looked calm, but it got me wondering. If she had understood her jumper, when she first reached for it, she would have understood the emotion attached to it - would she then have worn it? If she had worn it and her family had understood her jumper they might have known there was a problem. If everyone understood their clothing especially the colours they choose, would we get dressed AT ALL? It's a worry to me because English weather mostly restricts going starkers. You're probably thinking, 'What was her jumper like? ' Well, I've written at length about clothing and colour [and chakras] in my book Attention, Seekers and the details will be at the end, but for now I'll give you a clue - her jumper was striped but it was the varied colours and depth of the stripes that gave me the information. For that stripey jumper lady the clothing information might have been helpful but somehow I doubt it as she was in the realm of a 'sacred contract' [also in my book] but the rest of us the knowledge is incredibly useful, and for a few , who are, unconsciously, treading on dangerous ground, it is vital. Bright yellow is upbeat. Pale yellow shows self-confidence. But not toooooo much yellow please - and back off quick if you notice it worn with black. Waspy. You've been warned! I'm fascinated by colour and I have always loved clothing - in fact I really wanted to be a fashion designer but all my sketches were diligently ignored by my teachers at various boarding schools and my father wasn't eager on the idea of art college, so I turned into a nurse instead. Still, at least we had attractive uniforms to wear, but sadly , nowadays, you only see them in 'Carry On ' films or 'Call The Midwife'. I nursed on old-fashioned, long Nightingale wards and spent lots of time worrying why some people healed and others didn't - there never seemed to be a good enough answer. When I blundered rather unhappily into my late thirties, the nice man, 2.2 children, house in the country, Land Rover, cats, dogs and coffee with girlfriends was absolutely nowhere in sight. I sought out people to explain why life wasn't delivering. I was introduced to chakras [the seven emotional centres of the body] and all of a sudden life started to make a little sense. Each chakra has an associated colour, going [like the rainbow] from base chakra up - red, orange, yellow, pink [and green - took me years to work out why there were two heart chakra colours], turquoise, indigo, violet. We load and store information, memories and emotion at each chakra and we use body language to protect them. But this is meant to be about colour so I am reluctant to go off-track into chakras because I could keep you here for a very long time. After I'd read several books on chakras (Caroline Myss is the best) and grasped what information we stored in them, I started to look at peoples clothes to see if they corresponded to certain chakras. I was staggered at what I discovered. Red is energising. Often it's va va voom, but occasionally it's extremely ANGRY. Pay attention now, as you don't want to mistake the two, and BEWARE of old women dressed in 'don't notice me' colours but sporting red shoes. Somewhere, down in their deeeeeepest recesses, they long to kick someone. Make sure it isn't YOU!! And Ladies! All you ladies of all ages, listen up now: If red and black [burgundy too] is a habit, almost a daily uniform, then please, please GET OUT OF IT NOW.This very second. Protect your ovaries. Just ditch it.The colours are speaking emotion and the emotion is far too negative. Try some pale blue; change your thinking. I've been watching the result of red and black for years and years - it's SERIOUS. I'm taking a look at people's decor as well. Paint, Curtains. Wallpaper. Sofa For a number of years, I've been lucky to live in a village enabling me to look at people as they progressed through births, weddings, deaths and all the bits that happen in between. I noticed people switched colours, often dramatically, when important life events came upon them. Sometimes they didn't change their clothes but radically changed the colour of paint on their front door. I also noticed that some individuals never altered their colours at all; these were people with whom meaningful conversations could be a bit limiting; solid green sitting-rooms can be difficult on chitter-chattering. As a really basic rule, I would say that, the more colours on somebody [and in their house] the more expanded the interests and the wider the subjects of conversation. Orange is 'talk to me'. Try a huge bright tangerine headband; walk down the road and watch how many eyes are drawn to you. A couple of days ago, I went to the village with a large, bright orange bag on my shoulder and wearing a chestnut jacket. A pretty ok kind of guy, that I'd never set eyes on before, turned to me and said, 'Hi, young lady!' He beamed at me and walked on. I smiled too. Well, why not? I'm 58. I live with a nice man. But it's sweet to get noticed by ok, sober men, almost half my age.

Do you have silent but infrequently grunting teenagers? Try large, bright orange towels in the bathroom and watch what happens. Too expensive? Put a large bowl of fresh oranges in the middle of the table and insist the family eats round it. During the early 1990's, I used to watch the Oprah Winfrey Show on TV. I was working shifts so I'd tape the programme and watch at my leisure. I became almost obsessed with her guests and audience participators, spotting that specific kinds gravitated to specific colours or colour combinations. By recording the programme I could stop, wind back and watch it over and over again. Having grasped the basics I turned my attention to the people I came into contact with daily around me, especially women I knew well. I would watch their preferred choice of colour, listen carefully and ask questions. I started to realise that we are all walking around showing our innermost emotions for everyone to see but for few to notice. It's a humbling realisation. Duck egg blue is about saying what you are thinking as well as having the quiet confidence not to say what you are thinking when that's more acceptable. Kingfisher blue is simply saying it, and announcing it LOUD !! Do you recall that recent hullabaloo about little girls in pink, pink, pink. There was no end of a fuss from Mothers going demented with pink demands; even the Fathers were getting sassy. Bless. Not getting the point entirely! You see, kiddies come in 'knowing ' and it's us that tells them what's what. They paint pictures of people with blue hair, orange hands, green legs and so on.. We smile indulgently. But who is to say that this isn't what the children are really seeing? Before the little girls came to this planet they knew us adults had a significant problem and they decided it would be a great idea to fix it. They knew the enormous powerof colour. They quickly realised that relentless blasts and big expanses of colour would have a beneficial effect on grown-ups psyche and retinas - like the police knew that putting difficult prisoners in pink cells calmed them down [strange but true fact]. So the little girls asked for lots and lots of pale pink to spread some heart giving compassion around - in the nick of time - then they demanded shocking pink so we'd be able to have some real fun. Did well didn't they? So , when anyone even slightly famous all of a sudden is seen sporting a huge handbag or coat in shocking pink - rather out of character, one might say - rest assured that person has had an emotional breakthrough. And that is a kind of healing. A contented healing.

Mind blowing, isn't it? I wish you an especially colourful life.

Amanda Mansell has an opinion about just about everything which rouses her ire and regardless of what the issue, be it politicians, the European Union or bullies she expresses her forthright views with the accuracy of a surgeon wielding a scalpel.

She is the author of Attention, Seekers (which explains colours in greater detail) and Elladora Does Good, a funny book abouty family, love, hope and laughter.